The Pathways

The Pathways are the virtual and in-person multi year curriculums of the Oracle Temple.

One is welcome to study to deepen in any of these ways and/or devote to learning for the purpose of certification in any pathway to carry the legacy of the Oracle Temple teachings forward.

Path of the Warrior 

“A Ministry of Light”

36 Months

Martial artist Bruce Lee said, “Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.” This is what it means to have courage. The path of the spiritual warrior is not necessarily easy, however it will lead you to experiences that lends itself to an extraordinary life. You can face danger, fear, pain, and uncertainty on the path to spiritual mastery.

Spiritual warriors press on when confronted with adversity, doubt, or the inconsistencies or irrationality of their beliefs and behavior. This doesn’t mean you don’t feel the fear; it means you feel it and keep going. Deep down you know that the enlightenment you seek is worth enduring the temporary transition of endurance.

The class series gives you insights to prepare you to do the “spiritual” hard work with resilience and courage.

Join us to start this adventure to an extraordinary life….

Path of the Oracle

This path is in devotion to awakening the intelligences that lie within our interior temple so we may attune to becoming a vessel for the lifeforce of creation to move through us with grace.

Through the studies of mystery teachings such as the Qabalistic Tree of Life, Tarot, Astrology, crystal balls, & much more, we will open up the gates of Oracular Consciousness through deepening in the Art of Ritual, Egyptian Cosmology, and the ancient practice of Divination. We will be specifically working with a one of kind unique technology called the Oracle Divination Board among many other forms to do this.

The focus of these studies is so we may be stewards for communication and conscious co-shaping as humans with the Divine and Natural realms.

Path of the Healer

Herbals and Energy Medicine

Life on our planet earth is made of light, shadow, dust, matter, vibration, and frequency. Learn the medicine ways of making herbal and vibrational medicine. We have captured the light and shadows of the sun, moon, stars, plants, sacred places and sacred sounds. Learn the ancient indigenous medicine ways to heal the body and the soul These ancient pathways of healing and medicine ways uses by our ancestors for deep healing of the body, mind and spirit. Through our classes, we change your perspective on how you see and experience our beautiful blue planet, while learning how to prepare ancient vibrational and herbal medicines and follow medicine ways to heal your body, mind and soul in ancient ways of our ancestors. This is not your typical herbal school but a true path of ancient healing techniques, indigenous medicine making techniques…and will prepare to walk in medicine ways of healing….

Certification a in Clinical Herbalist/Vibrational Medicine Practitioner