Path of the Healer

Healer Programs Year 1-3

Life on our planet earth is made of light, shadow, dust, matter, vibration, and frequency. Learn the medicine ways of making herbal and vibrational medicine. We have captured the light and shadows of the sun, moon, stars, plants, sacred places and sacred sounds. Learn the ancient indigenous medicine ways to heal the body and the soul These ancient pathways of healing and medicine ways uses by our ancestors for deep healing of the body, mind and spirit. Through our classes, we change your perspective on how you see and experience our beautiful blue planet, while learning how to prepare ancient vibrational and herbal medicines and follow medicine ways to heal your body, mind and soul in ancient ways of our ancestors. This is not your typical herbal school but a true path of ancient healing techniques, indigenous medicine making techniques…and will prepare to walk in medicine ways of healing….

Certification a in Clinical Herbalist/ Vibrational Medicine Practitioner

Earth Wisdom 1

Earth Wisdom 1 is a specially designed program fo with a genuine interest in exploration of self and the universal force. In this apprenticeship, each individual understands about their energetic patterns, how they interface with others, and ways to alter them to support healing the body and disease. We take understudy plant spirit communication, vibrational healing, working with the natural elements, awakening of your senses, and bringing them to the highest frequency. This is a comprehensive curriculum, exploring numerous indigenous traditions, with a wide variety of learning techniques, including hands-on, experiential learning, lecture, field classes, storytelling, and more.

Participants will create a personalized vibrational essence kit made from flowers, trees, and minerals. Make herbal and energetic essence tinctures, salves and balms. Everyone will be able to study in the herbal laboratory as well as get opportunities to develop clinical skills for starting or expanding herbal practice.

Light, Life, Heart, Shadow, Earth

  • Plant spirit medicine
  • Medicine making
  • Biodynamic calendar and basic biodynamics
  • Cycles of time and harvesting cycles
  • Prophecy of the 5th Sun Cycle and the 5th Sun Cycle Medicines
  • Healing through the energy field
  • Ancestral and energetic imprints of disease
  • Healing ancestral miasms
  • Time tracking
  • Wildcrafting
  • Medicine ways
  • Body Systems and herbs

Lotions, Potions and Salves

Rites of passage – initiations into the Deeper Mysteries

3 field trips which will include field trips to the Tahoe National Forest, Bristlecone, and the Ocean. On these field trips we will visit the oldest living plant on earth (5,000 years), make a vibrational imprint medicine, and gather different vibrational waters to make your medicines, and learn plant medicine ways, and do traditional dirt time.

Earth Wisdom 2

Vibration and frequency are the basis of Shamanic healing & medicine, in the realms of the seen and unseen world. It brings about healing on every level – the physical body, the light body, and the spiritual body. In this apprenticeship, study the use of The Crystalline Matrix wirh gems and minerals , geomancy ley lines and gridding, vibrational plant medicine, structured water, making and working in the medicine way for healing the body and the environment…

This class is open to previous students of Marza’s, or other intermediate to advanced students in Shamanic Studies.

Earth wisdom 1 and 2 maybe taken concurrently or take just EW1 for the plant medicine or EW 2 for the geomancy, grids, ancestral healing, and deeper plant medicine. Each class is a complete learning platform and can be taken as independent classes…. If u wish to be certified as a Clinical Herbalist/Vibrationalist – Engery Medicine

You must complete Earth Wisdom 1,2 and 3…
All classes are offered on zoom or in person.

Any questions please contact me directly 5302637988 or

Ancient native views on how a soul unfolds during this earthly walk
The Anatomy of the Cosmos – A native view of the unfolding of the cosmos

How this influences our health and our path to wellness and fulfillment

  • Physical Disease How illness and negativity enter the body through a segway of emotional and energetic imprints, and how we hold and track disease.
  • Resonance and Frequency | How it influences our world, our lives, and our existence

How these interplay with health and mental stability and energy pathways of the human body; the energy pathways of planet earth, tracking these pathways with intuition. 

Reading and adjusting the energy fields around us. Healing through the practice of Shamanic Visualization and Journey Work | including the practice of soul retrieval, astral travel and temporal spirit jumping.

Ancient forms of bringing things into right relation and alignment.

Threshold Medicine | The art of medicine making for birth and death

Understand rock medicine, working with destiny lines and prophecy lines.

This course contains 3 immersions:

The Ancient Bristlecone

The Egyptian Museum

The Fairy Rings

Earth Wisdom 3

During this year you will refine your sensitivity by developing your inner senses, you will reorder and be brought to your purest frequency. You will contact the Nature Elements, use patterns, magical geometries, personal rituals, dreams, vibrational and herbals medicines in an alchemical way as well as exploring your body as the first alchemical Altar. Psychic patterns and crystalline structures will also help prepare you to be an alchemist and shamanic herbalist.

  • Preparing your self to receive the alchemical codes of nature preparing your internal and external altars
  • Empathic Skills
  • Going deeper into ready cords, images and clinical tracking of disease patterns
  • Learn to read the cord attachments
  • Sexual root extractions from the womb
  • Cleaning the basket
  • Fine tuning the body
  • Use of polarity therapy
  • Biofield tuning
  • Harmonics in coma patients
  • Pyramids in therapeutic use
  • Energy Containment fields
  • The pyramid mysteries
  • Use of Harmonics in reprogramming addictive behavior s
  • Body Harmonics
  • Writing case studies
  • Legal aspects of private practice
  • Drop dosage and pulse diagnosis
  • Review of program
  • Final Q and A
  • Program Graduation and Certification