Readings + Consultations

Readings + Consultations

We offer private and/or small group sessions that include bespoke curated rituals for weddings, transitions, blessing ways, divination readings, spiritual counselling, herbal medicine consultations and more.

Oracle Divination Board Readings

Divination is an ancient practice of receiving information by interpreting omens, signs, symbols, and images through the use of various technologies. This art form is a medium to communicate with the supernatural, and thus bring forward messages that can help the Enquirer gain insight into a question or situation. This practice of insight, foresight, sometimes prediction or prophecy, and awareness of the internal workings of the Cosmos has been, and continues to be , a useful way to receive guidance for one’s Path.

In your session we will be working with an Oracle Divination Board that is a cosmological map of the universe carrying planetary, astrological, elemental, cyclical, and archetypal symbols all connected to an Oracle Crystal Ball. To read the Board, we work with dice, crystals, and deities that support the transmissions coming forward.

The enquirer can come with a specific question and/ or receive a general reading. They will then toss the dice and intuitively place the other ritual items. The Diviner will interpret and also sometimes offer ritual practices that pair with the riddle given.
Through this Rite, we enter the Great Mystery through the Art of Divination.

This Divination technology was received by vision from the Oracle crystal to Isis Indriya and with the assistance of Johnny Rappa, the board was brought into fruition in 2017.

Isis Indriya

Maz Alice

1:1 Private Mentorship

with Isis Indriya

Isis Indriya offers 1:1 mentorship or intimate group cohorts for you who are committed to deepening in the Divine Work. Together we will tend to your heart, mind, body, & Spirit through attuning to the many dimensions of self on behalf of transformation into the fully realized incarnation of the Divine Self.

We will open up a Sacred container for deep listening, authentic sharing, & devotion to shedding any layers necessary as we travel through the tree of life.

This comes with uniquely crafted rituals & practices based on the Oracle Divination Board & what emerges in our time together.

There is a minimum commitment of 6 months of weekly hour sessions.

1:1 Sessions

Marza Millar

Custom Rituals

We offer custom rituals for marriage rites, transitions, blessingways, rites of passage, and much more. The way these rituals are developed are through inquiry and communication with the Oracle Divination Board. In this way your rituals are specific to you and your life.