Oracle Arts Apprenticeship

Oracle Arts Apprenticeship Programs Years 1-3

Begin February 21, 2024!

Year 1

The Path of Jewel

This 9-month journey will introduce Apprentices to Oracle Arts as a Ritual and Offering Practice. We will explore the Hermetic Qabalistic Tree of Life as the blueprint for our yearly journey, as well as the format of our Ritual Technology.

We will learn about a wide variety of devotional and magical practices, such as: Astrology, Divination, Elemental Theory, Egyptian Cosmology, Hermetic Qabalah, Ritual Theater, Oracular Consciousness, and more!

Begins February 21, 2024!

Year 2

The Lightning Path

For Graduates of the Year 1, The Path of the Jewel:

This is a continuation in studies and techniques to develop one’s Oracular Consciousness, with a focus on clarifying one’s Divine Directive.

We will continue deepening in Divination with the Oracle Divination Board, Egyptian Rites, Ritual Stewardship, Temple Dance, Ritual Theater, and becoming a Guardian of the Oracle Fireplace.

Begins February 21, 2024!

Year 3

The Middle Path

This journey is devoted to supporting one in Stepping into Benevolent Leadership, Mentorship, Teaching the Oracular Traditions, & Becoming a Guide of the Oracle Temple.

Begins February 21, 2024!