Oracular Arts, Egyptian Cosmology, Qabalah, Feminine Studies

As a Minister, Culture Creator, Bridgebuilder, and fireplace keeper for the Oracle Clan, an educator of Ritual, Divination, Egyptian Cosmology, and Hermeticism, Isis shares what she has learned along the way all over the world.

Herbal Studies, Earth Wisdom, Energy Healing

Marza , (Two Clouds), holds the birth rite of her father’s Elders, the Wind Creek Tribe of Arizona. After receiving education and working in allopathic medicine for two decades, Marza returned to her roots based in alternative and herbal medicine.

Enthralled by the intelligence of life- from people to plants, to the planets and the stars, Maz is dedicated to weaving deeper relationships between humans, their souls, the earth, and the cosmos. As an herbalist, educator, performer, diviner and ritualist, her offerings are diverse; ultimately she is dedicated to helping people align in sovereignty & freedom.

Oracular Arts, Automatic Writing

Eve Bradford is an educator, artist and oracular practitioner working at the intersections of art, activism and magic to create work primarily intended to call upon the true capacity of our most authentic selves in service of full-spectrum health, embodiment, expression and ecstasy.


Brian Cotnoir is an alchemist, artist, and award-winning filmmaker. He has presented workshops and seminars around the world on various aspects of alchemical theory and practice based on his research.

Voice Activation

Sonja is devoted to helping others find healing and coherence through the instruments of the body and sound. Her career as producer, performer and teacher, she focuses on the devotional aspect of song, and on intercultural unification through music, healing and consciousness.

Egyptian Cosmology

Normandi Ellis is a Spiritualist minister, astrologer, and certified clairvoyant medium through the Indiana Association of Spiritualists. Her 14 published books include the spiritual classic, Awakening Osiris, translations from the hieroglyphs found in the Book of the Dead

Feminine Studies

Baelyn travels and devotes her time to sharing and facilitating sacred spaces for communities all around the world. As a Temple Keeper, she also curates and nurtures a permanent home for Tea Ceremony, Ritual, and the Sacred Arts at AY^AM in Playa Del Rey, CA and Santa Fe, NM.

Indigenous Wisdom

Florencia Fridman is a self-empowerment artist working with heart-opening therapies involving holistic nutrition, ceremonial grade cacao, yoga, sound journeys, and breath work as instruments for transformation; creating a safe vessel for self-exploration.

Ancient Civilizations, Technologies

Jamie Janover interests in the intersection of science and all things considered spiritual and metaphysical has lead to him learning from Nassim Haramein into the world of unified physics and ancient cultures. He has delivered more than 250 comprehensive presentations world-wide.

Mythology, Runes, Norse Traditions

​As a storyteller and independent scholar of mythology, I work with old myths and fairytales that shine a torchlight on life’s difficult and mesmerizing journey; my stories tend to gravitate around the Northern and Greek mythological landscapes.

Feminine Studies

As a holistic healing practitioner, yoga and meditation teacher and birth doula for more than a decade, Rachel support women around the world in embodying their true power by connecting with their innate feminine nature.


Becca Tarnas is a scholar, artist, and counseling astrologer, and an editor of Archai: The Journal of Archetypal Cosmology. She received her PhD in Philosophy and Religion at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in San Francisco.

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