Maz Alice

Enthralled by the intelligence of life- from people to plants, to the planets and the stars, Maz is dedicated to weaving deeper relationships between humans, their souls, the earth, and the cosmos. As an herbalist, educator, performer, diviner and ritualist, her offerings are diverse; ultimately she is dedicated to helping people align in sovereignty & freedom.

Maz is the co-founder of House of Origins Apothecary, a dynamic herbal medicine buiz based out of BC, Canada that offers handcrafted botanical preparations, herbal education, ritual facilitation, and lifestyle transformation programs.

She has been studying with Isis Indriya since 2016- before the inception of the Academy of Oracle Arts. Maz has worked with the technology of the Oracle Divination Board since it came into manifestation in 2017. Maz gave Isis the first set of astro-dice that have become foundational ritual tools used in this practice. She has been studying divination and other esoteric sciences for over a decade and is honoured to be the first trained and certified diviner of this kind through the Academy.