Jamie Janover

Jamie Janover has long been interested in the intersection of science and all things considered spiritual and metaphysical, so when he first came across Nassim Haramein lecturing at a music festival, all the dots connected. Ever since that time in the summer of 2002, he has been delving ever deeper into the world of unified physics and ancient cultures through the lens of Nassim Haramein’s theories, sharing resonant information in presentations he delivers while on tour as a musician.

Jamie Janover was taught by Nassim Haramein how to deliver presentations on his unified field theory in 2008 as one of The Resonance Project’s original 12 “emissaries”.

In 2012, he became the Resonance Project’s first “Ambassador” and took over for Nassim in teaching 3-day Delegate Programs which have since become an online intensive course with thousands of students from 77 countries all over the world. Janover has delivered more than 250 comprehensive presentations and a dozen Delegate Program weekends on Nassim’s work at private events, conferences and festivals world-wide in places as far-reaching as New Zealand, Egypt, India, Canada, Indonesia, Spain, Costa Rica, Australia, Portugal, Mexico and all-across the USA.

Classes Offered