Rachel Rossitto

Reclaiming our Sacred Feminine Herstory

Feminine Power is rising in the world right now – and it’s exhilarating to witness. 

Women and men are waking up to heal ancestral wounds and balance their own inner feminine and masculine energies. This is essential to restoring humanity and healing our relationship to the planet. 

How can we thrive as a civilization if half the population is disempowered?

History tells us that matriarchal culture was common in early religions and women were honored and seen as holy for their connection to the earth and the ability to create life. 

In the last few thousand years women have been oppressed, maltreated and discouraged from embracing their true spirit. This loss of dignity and lack of connection to our feminine power has dismantled our feminine intuition and devastated the magic of the female role in society. Together we can change the ancestral patterns we were born into. Now is the time to reclaim our feminine power and create a more harmonious world.