Marza Millar

Marza R. Millar, Clinical Herbalist, BRN CMT, MA:
Marza , (Two Clouds) adopted at birth, holds the birth rite of her father’s Elders, the Wind Creek Tribe of Arizona. After receiving a formal education in allopathic medicine and working in allopathic medicine for two decades, Marza returned to her roots based in alternative and herbal medicine. Her father and uncle held the position of keeper of the Emergence Door of the Wind Creek Tribe of Arizona. Grandmother Two Clouds is the last at present to hold this position.

Marza’s mothers people are from Isle of Skye, Scotland, a Druid Elder of Clach Na h’Annait Standing Stone. Adopted by birthright trained in the Druid lore and the Mystery School of Astara. Marza also received training in traditional temple teachings of Hawaii at Hikiau Heiau given by the Elders of Naapoopoo Village, Big Island, Hawaii. She studied Lomi Lomi healing with Auntie Margaret Machado and La au lapa au with Aka Pule and Fern Pule, Papa Henry.

She worked with Flower Essence Services for 10 years as Educator and Sales Manager. She has studied with Dr. Emoto, Teresita Espinoza, and many more in the field or Energy Medicine. Marza works and specializes in Vibrational Biodynamic Medicines, Geopathics, Geomancy, and Shamanic Healing for the last 40 years while teaching nationally and internationally. Marza work has taken her deep into the Andes to work with the Inca Elders, into the Arctic Circle to work with the Siberian Yupick, and to the tops of the Hopi Mesa’s, and deep into the Temples of Egypt. She holds the woman’s fireplace of the sweat lodge and vision quest at the linage fire of Rolling Water and is Elder to the Oracle Clan and Sun Clan of Nevada City.

She also works with Damanhur in Italy, a Eco Community as a Shamanic Guide and Healer.
She is currently owner and formulator of a new Biodynamic Vibrational Medicine line called Ancient Earth Apothecary:, She also owns and teaches at the School of Energetics and Shamanic Herbalism.
She also teaches Vibrational Medicine, Shamanic Healing, and Herbal Medicine Nationally and Internationally. She also specialized in Geomancy, and Geopathics. She currently has a private practice, spiritual ministry, and is Directing Minister or Church of the Essence.