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The Light Weaver’s Path
For those who wish to receive a Ministerial Ordination and Seminary Certification this class is prerequisite for the seminary series.
November 2020 – APRIL 2021

The deeper we into this time of purification and accession the dense energy around us sometimes becomes heavy. However, there is a renewal of light coming in from all the cracks in the world that no longer supports mankind. As we thrive to rise, we are encoded with a new frequency of light. The veil of the old world is being lifted and we are seeing clearly what the old paradigm was trying to hide. Disclosures on so many things are at hand, but we are not exactly there yet. We must learn to open the Portals of Light and use the Light Codes to part and clear the veil. I will be offering an experience to learn to imprint these codes of light into this world, to work with the sigils of light to anchor the energy to help raise us – into our next evolution of the 5th Sun.

In this six-month class, join me on a self-exploration that gathers skills with the goals of ordination in the ministry of light.

We will explore working with the earth’s natural portals of light, learn the light codes, and sigils to become a light weaver.

For those of you who want to take your shamanic studies deeper as in Shamanic Journey Work, Spirit Tracking, Procession and Extraction, Rock and Crystal Medicine, Herbals.
Class 1: The Soul Journey – entering the mystery school of the soul light we will explore how a soul unfolds during this earthly walk and how to read the Akashic Records of Life.
The Anatomy of the Cosmos – – view of the unfolding of the cosmos. Alchemical, Magical.
Resonance and Frequency – how it influences our world, our lives, and our existence.
Resonance, Magical Frequency Tools for the portal, and inter dimensional spiritual work.

Class 2: Ancestor Imprints, Life Force, Heart Force, Energy The energy pathways of the human body, the energy pathways of the planet, and how they interact with opening the earth portals, key lines, earth codes.

Class 3: Initiation into the Light Codes, Light Sigils. The Practice of Light Retrieval. Astral Travel and Temporal Spirit Jumping.

Class 4: Light Body Grid Points, Earth Portals, earth synchronic line alignment, alignment of soul light, and earth portals.

Class 5: Cancer Imprints, Etheric Extractions of Cancer, removal of cords, Ancient forms of Hooponopono. Plant and Vibrational medicine alignments.

Class 6: Temple Ordination into the Light weaver’s path and ordination. Threshold Medicine – the art and medicine making for birth and death. Finding connection to the elements., learning to work in a dimensional field, bringing past into the present and deepening present through destiny lines. Working within prophecy lines.

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