About the Academy

Origin Story

An Original Approach to Ancient Ways

This gathering place is a response to the insistent calling so many of us have been hearing throughout our lives… a call out to the Oracular Consciousness that dwells within us all to arise within and take its place amongst the toolkit of human technologies.

This is an invitation to join us in reimagining a way of life rooted in times throughout history when human potential has blossomed into its fullest flowering, times of cross-cultural respect and collaboration, mythical engagement with the more-than-human world, and a cultivation of innovation and freedom rooted in responsibility to the future. We seek to connect ourselves to this string of pearls across time and space in order to participate in shaping the pathway moving forward.

We recognize in this age of drastic over-information, Oracular Technologies are as much a filter as an antennae, creating a facility both with will and surrender, with holding strong clear boundaries, and with letting them soften and dissolve, depending on what each moment truly calls for.

We recognize that in order for our times to rise into this potential blossoming, we must cultivate equally a capacity for harmonizing and synthesizing, the combination of which allows Oracular Technologies to arise and reveal a novel perspective deeply steeped in adaptability, nuance and service to life.

Thank you for answering the call to join us, we can only do this together.

Our Vision and Mission

The AOA is a School for Sacred Science, Arts and Mystery Studies for all people that are called to be of benefit and service to the web of relations, through remembering our divine nature, and creating a ritual way of life to build a legacy for generations to come.

We see a world where the natural realm, the human realm, and the divine realm consciously co-shape together in alignment with cosmological workings, in continuous devotion to making beauty and offerings that nourish. A world where deeply rooted living and adaptable cultures work as mycelial networks on behalf of the liberation of all beings.

We see a world where all peoples feel a sense of belonging, a connection to their ancestral bloodlines and are in right relationship to ancestral lands. A world where there is a symbiotic and beneficial balance between the natural world, technology and humanity.

The AOA partners with aligned individuals and organisations to build global intentional culture and to give a strong platform to earth wisdom traditions. We aim to reform education by providing an alternative way of learning to the traditional institutions, through identified Pathways of Learning and by providing an accessible resource hub. The Academy catalyses movements to create thriving, integrated communities that share cultural values to sustain and maintain healthy ways of being.

We aid people in discovering their purpose work and ability to manifest, creating economic opportunities for them to share the mystery teachings as a way of life, enabling the emergence of leadership in the areas of healing arts, ritual and activism. We support Craft Culture, where true wealth grows within the community.

We work through the use of the Divination Board, the Fireplace and ritual technologies to strengthen and develop relationships with the sacred. The AOA initiates the creation of gathering places for communities through Temple spaces, libraries and Lighthouses.

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