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In person immersion dates

List of Dates Throughout the year


7/16- Group Zoom Call
7/20- New Moon
7/22- Special Guest Teacher Naha Armady at 5:00pm PST/ 8:00pm PST
TBA- Sweat Lodge Optional
7/30- Day 1 of the Immersion
7/31- Day 2
Additional Immersion Date TBD
8/1- Bonus Class- Special Blackburn
8/1- Bonus Class- Jacquline Michie


8/3- Full Moon
8/13- Special Guest Teacher William Kiesel
8/18- New Moon
8/26- Normandi Ellis Book of the Dead at 5:30pm PDT/ 8:30pm EST


9/1- Full Moon
9/9- Sweatlodge (optional)
9/10-9/11- Immersion III
9/12- Bonus Class Special Blackburn
9/12- Bonus Class TBD
9/17- New Moon
9/20- Cultivating Essence with Eve at 3pm PST/ 6pm PST
9/23- Astrak Landscapes of Ancient Egypt with Normandi Ellis


10/1- Full Moon
10/1- William Kiesel
10/12- Mahmoud Khodeir
10/16- New Moon
10/21- Co-creation: The Power of Invoking with Normandi Ellis
10/28- Naha Armady
10/31- Full Moon


11/6- Sweatlodge (optional)
11/7-11/8- IMMERSION IV
11/9- Bonus Class with Special Blackburn
11/16- Becoming Cosmological with Eve 3pm PST/6pm EST
11/14- New Moon
11/30- Full Moon


OFF! Please enjoy thing time with family


2/23- Sweatlodge (optional)
2/24-2/25 IMMERSION V
2/26- Bonus Guest Teacher Special Blackburn

MARCH 2021:

3/14- Reading the Field with Eve

APRIL 2021:

4/22- Sweatlodge (optional)
4/23-4/24- IMMERSION V
4/25- Bonus Class with Special Blackburn
4/25- Bonus Class with Marza Millar

MAY 2021:

5/2- Sensitivity and Power with Eve Bradford 3pm PST/ 6pm EST

JUNE 2021:

6/16- Sweatlodge (optional)
6/17-6/18- IMMERSION VI
6/19- Bonus Guest Teacher Special Blackburn
6/27- Feeding the Dao with Eve Bradford 3pm PST/ 6pm EST

Group Calendar

Click this link for the group calendar. You will have all the dates for the Immersions, the classes, and the one on one calls

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In Person Immersion Dates

There is an element of flexibility that is being asked of each and every one of us in these times so we will stay present with the changing nature of these times. Please plan for these dates and we will adapt as need be. Please contact us with any date conflicts if need be.

Calling in the Council: May 3rd & 4th

In the Beginning / The Oracle Fire: June 25 & 26

The Supernals: July 30 & 31

Ethical Triangle: September 10 & 11

Astral Triangle: November 7 & 8

The Kingdom: February: 24 & 25

The Great Mystery / Divination: April 22 & 23

Initiation: June 17& 18