1. First pages of the Book of Jewels
  2. Tree of Eternity Blueprint (ideal to draw daily but at the least: 11x by next session)
  3. Pattern on the Trestleboard (write out 1-10 and 10-1: 11x by next session)
  4. 42 Ideals of Ma’at (speak out loud: 11x by next session)
  5. Shambhala Prophecy (listen 11x by next session) *Video Below

Shambhala Prophecy

Recorded Video List

Akashic Records Live Transmission from Luxor Temple Egypt via Rose

Oracle Arts Apprenticeship First Calling Upon:


Pattern on the Trestleboard: Download PDF <

Book of Jewels: Download PDF <

Ideals of Maat: Download PDF <

Tree of Life Blueprint: Download PDF <

Shambhala Prophecy: Download PDF <