To bring a song in through the dream time.

Note: We are asking it to come by Fall Equinox, to be sung to the Ancestors for Samhain.


Praying & holding intentions for the healing of planet earth

Asking the Pleiades for a song

Asking for your Ancestors to help bring forth a song

The Rite:

When working with the rite no technology in the bedroom (wifi transmitting device ie. phone / computer). Get an alarm clock!

-Have a notebook and pen beside your bed so you don’t have to move in the morning. The more still you can be upon waking the easier it is to remember your dreams.

  • State intentions (one of above)
  • Calling Upon
  • Cast your Magic Circle
  • Work with the elements: Fire & Water.

    • Use a candle, speak intentions to the flame
    • Speak intention into a glass of water, and drink in the morning (after recording), offer some to the earth

In the morning, before talking or getting up!

  • Record the dream / sing song out loud when it comes

    *Best to sing it enough times to remember so you can make it to your audio recording device as this will not be in the room.
  • Light the candle and return to your intention that you went to bed with
  • Drink and offer the water
  • Record any more details that may have come through after working with the elements.

*Note: If you are so focused on remembering the song that you forget the details of the dream, ie who passed the song & how it is meant to be used you can repeat this rite the following night with the intention of remembering these details.