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Class hours lead to certification as a clinical herbal alchemist.
CEU available
November 2020 – MARCH 2021

The earth’s secrets are held within its sacred geometry, an alchemical synergy of elemental forces, and the patterning of celestial
cosmic forces above us.

The mystery schools through the ages hid many of these secrets only to give to those who were available to hold the knowledge through initiation and secretive practice.
The alchemical practices were passed down in secrecy from generation to generation in encoded symbols, encrypted text, and
hidden secrets societies.

In Earth Alchemy we will learn some of these alchemical principals, make some of the medicines, learn to open the alchemical portals of light and use the alchemical process of geomancy and astrological strategy – to learn, to understand, and live in an alchemical way with your body, your spirit, and the earth around us.
The class will meet twice a month on Zoom and will receive pre-recorded classes every week for study and then two 3-hour zoom live sessions
a month. Class Field Trip – optional

The Alchemical and Magical Principals of the unseen world.
Our interaction of the physical and the spiritual realms, (Seen and Unseen Worlds).
Overview of types of magical and alchemical plants and stones.
Types of Vibrational Medicines and Magical Remedies.
The Art of Making the Magical Un-spelling Herbals, and magical salts.
Making Vibrational Elixirs, Magical Waters, and Vapor Spagyeics.
Harvesting and making your own magical apothecary.
The art of Scrying and making of your own scrying bowl.
The making and uses of Gem Elixirs, Oracle Crystal Divination making of Golden Ormus.

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