This is a collection of pertinent details to support a smooth year of gathering


Everything you need to know to prepare is outlined below. Feel free to contact us with any inquiries.

In Person Immersion Dates

There is an element of flexibility that is being asked of each and every one of us in these times so we will stay present with the changing nature of these times. Please plan for these dates and we will adapt as need be. Please contact us with any date conflicts if need be.

Calling in the Council May 3rd & 4th
1: In the Beginning / The Oracle Fire June 25 & 26
2. The Supernals July 30th & 31th
3: Ethical Triangle September 10&11
4: Astral Triangle November7&8
5:Serpent Path Retreat TBA
6: The Kingdom February 24&25
7: The Great Mystery / Divination April 22&23
8: Initiation June17&18

*Immersion 1 Questionnaire*

Here is a link with questions that are pertinent to the first immersion.

Staying Connected, in Communication, & Informed

Here is the list on how and the links to connect into.


Click this link for the group calendar. You will have all the dates for the Immersions, the classes, and the one on one calls

Google Calendar link

Please make sure to download the app on your computer or phone. You can add “other calendar” On your computer, open Google Calendar.

  1. On the left side, click Other calendars.
  2. Click the name of the other person’s calendar to hide it. Calendars with an empty box next to them are hidden.
  3. Click the name of the other person’s calendar to hide it. Calendars with an empty box next to them are hidden.


Follow this link to join Zoom Meeting

In preparation, it is ideal to set yourself in a private environment with good internet if you can so you can tune in easily.

We will be diving right into divination with 3 group divinatory practices. This is why you will need your apple and knife. On Sunday, we will be doing basket divination to create 4 Pillar groups which will determine your role in our ritual on Monday night and on Monday, we will be using apple divination to set you upon your personal journey through the next month.

With the magic of the Millennials on the team, we have a comprehensive system of staying informed, in communication, and connected. Here is the checklist on how and the links to connect.

One on One Calls with ISIS

*1 on 1 Phone Date

Please select your date here for a 30 min one on one with Isis

Calendar Link


Join this FB group so you can be in communication with the entire Council. This group will be a platform for shared experiences and virtual connection.



You will soon be part of a group WhatsApp for various communication needs such as rideshares, meal meetups, etc.


We are more than excited to be of Service to the journey. Here is our team and contact info.

Admin Questions for the Journey will be directed to the Oracle Guardian

Saniah Foy at saniahrosewellness@gmail.com

In the first session we will, through Divination, come together in 4 sub groups for the first season. They are the 4 Pillars of Truth, Wisdom, Understanding, Service.

Pillars TempleKeeper Leads:

  • Saniah : 530 721 7627 / saniahrosewellness@gmail.com
  • Roxanne : 808 212 4144 / roxannekauai@gmail.com
  • Magdaleine : 530 798 6758 / madsalice@gmail.com
  • Laura: 707 273 7223 / laurakdou@gmail.com


Recorded Video Links

Akashic Records Live Transmission from Luxor Temple Egypt via Rose

Oracle Arts Apprenticeship First Calling Upon: