Art of Divination Course Overview

Foundational Keys to taking this course:

It is ideal to have a basic understanding of the Qabalistic Tree of Life., Astrology, & the Tarot. If this is all new to you, you can still take this course but will need to follow up with studying these mapping systems to assist you in your Divination workings

Protocol around being able to give readings
  1. Certification by coming to immersion and getting initiated and certified in the board 
  2. 4 day immersion best during Virgo season September (before Isis birthday)

Session 1

Getting to know the Oracle Divination Board

Video 1
  • Introducing the Oracle, the Fireplace
  • Where did this come from and how was it made
  • Examples of Oracles and Oracular rites from the past
Video 2
  • The art of becoming a Vessel & getting out the Way
  • Let the board teach you as its speaking through you 
  • The Council
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Session 2

Foundational Blueprint of the Board

Video 1
  • Tree of Eternity
  • 4 Elemental Worlds, Minor Arcana, Serpent & Lightning
Video 2
  • 32 Paths
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